Secure Your Future Now with Accessible, Fee-Only Financial Planning

At Future Map Financial there are no required minimum asset levels,
which means you can start securing your future today.

Many people think that financial planning is for the wealthy.

Future Map Financial believes that financial security is achievable for everyone, regardless of income or investible assets.  Using a monthly subscription, you are provided an affordable way to get the financial advice you need.

How we work together

To create a financial map for a secure future.

Clearly Define Your Values
Create Quarterly Attainable Goals
Map Your Future Based on What’s Important to You
Implement Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Financial Planning Services

Let’s Map Your Financial Future.

The Foundation

Let’s build a solid foundation, so that you can start planning for the future. We will focus on effective cash flow and debt management. I will help you identify where your hard-earned money is coming from, where it is going, and how it can more efficiently be used to meet your financial obligations.

Holistic Financial Planning

This is a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial state. You will receive a written report providing you with a detailed financial plan designed to achieve your stated financial goals and objectives. I will be your strategic partner, providing you with the support, encouragement, and accountability needed to realize you vision.

Investment Management Services

Are you ready to put your money to work for you?


I will assist you with establishing the optimal investment portfolio based on your values, financial goals & objectives, and investment time horizon.

I grew up in a hardworking household. We always had enough, but there was never financial peace of mind. Planning for the future was simply perceived to be a luxury. In my own quest to achieve financial freedom, I realized there was a better way. So, I started on a path to help people, including my family, create a secure future where peace of mind was no longer a luxury, but a reality.


As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I founded Future Map Financial to help ensure that you and your family can experience a less stressful today as you plan for tomorrow.

Frank Shields, MBA, CFP®
Founder & Director of Financial Planning


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Plan now.

Don’t Wait for the Future

to Plan For Your Future

Too often, people head into retirement with far less than they need to live comfortably. I believe that starting to plan today, from where you are right now, is the best way to ensure that doesn’t happen.